Project Description

Powell Studio Architecture provided architectural services for all vertical structures located within Victory Pointe. Working along side the City of Clermont and Community Solutions Group, our firm was able to create showcase structures on site of the 10-acre marsh filtration system, leading into Lake Minneola.

Standing at the center of the 10-acre site is a 40-foot observation tower, offering spectacular views of Triathlete Beach, the lakes, trail, and downtown district. Powell Studio Architecture also created a restroom/staging area that compliments the observation tower, enhancing the facilities along the waterfront and trail.

Victory Pointe is key in the future development of downtown Clermont, allowing the redirection and filtration of all stormwater. Stormwaters is filtered through a natural system of basins before entering the lakes. The system is not only beneficial for the lakes but also appealing to visitors and home to wildlife.


Project Pictures