Project Description

The Waterfront Pavilion is located along the banks of Lake Minneola at the City of Clermont Waterfront Park. The approximately 10,000 SF building was designed as the primary hub of the park, offering the City a very versatile complex for civic, private, and various other local events, most notably the springtime Pig on the Pond event. The complex includes a 4,000 SF multipurpose and divisible community meeting room, interior and exterior restroom facilities, a backstage area, and the covered pavilion which provides covered seating for approximately 400 people. Additional seating is available to overflow into the remainder of the park.

The design and construction teams were ultimately challenged to have the pavilion completed and operational for the Pig On The Pond Event held in March of 2011. Construction was completed in February of 2011 and the pavilion was centered as the main stage for the event, holding performances by local dance schools, musical performances, and various other uses for the event. Since
construction was completed, the building has become a revenue generator for the City for private events such as weddings, corporate banquets, and small local group events.


Project Pictures